Sunday, October 5, 2014

DBU - Master of Arts in Leadership Program

Dallas Baptist University's Master of Arts in Leadership Program

I am excited to announce a new Master of Arts in Leadership program at Dallas Baptist University.  The program is intended to serve as a catalyst for equipping leaders with the skills they will need to serve as Christian leaders in a variety of organizational contexts. The links below provide the details of this unique opportunity:

Program Overview
Leadership in the 21st century requires a broad array of skills and competencies, and Dallas Baptist University’s Master of Arts in Leadership is designed to provide students with the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to gain these important leadership skills. It is intended to fill a gap in the current pool of master’s level programs available in academia by focusing on the soft skills associated with leadership. The program will provide students with training in areas that have been recognized as important in the eyes of employers (such as communicating a vision, collaborating with diverse groups, building teams, being able to lead change initiatives, exhibiting emotional intelligence, and resolving conflict), as well as giving them a foundation in emerging areas of leadership study (such as cross-cultural and global leadership). In addition, a major goal of the program will be to impart a Christian worldview of leadership and help students learn to ethically and morally apply leadership principles.

The following are the required courses for the program:
·         Christian Worldview of Leadership
·         Leadership in Management
·         Business Ethics
·         Biblical Servant Leadership
·         Vision-Casting & Leading Change
·         Leadership in Conflict and Adversity
·         Leadership Communication
·         Relational Leadership & Emotional Intelligence
·         Cross-Cultural and Global Leadership (S-L)
·         Mentored Leadership Internship
·         Great Leaders in History
·         Team Leadership, Collaboration & Examination of Leadership in the Lives of the Founding Fathers (Experiential Learning Trip to Washington, D.C. or Boston)

Practical Focus
The MA in Leadership is designed to provide practical skills and knowledge that will help students lead with distinction in real world contexts. Here are some of the practical experiences woven into the fabric of the program:

·         Leadership Roundtables: Learn from and network with seasoned leaders who will share their perspectives on leadership in the real world. These roundtables will be integrated into the core courses of the program, allowing students to learn from leaders in the midst of a classroom setting.
·         On-Site Business Visits: In addition to bringing leaders into the classroom, students will have the opportunity to learn from seasoned leaders at their organization’s headquarters. These on-site visits will provide students with rich experiences that will help them understand how leadership is applied in practical settings across a diverse range of industries.
·         Consulting for a Cause Program: Students will have the opportunity to apply their leadership through the Consulting for a Cause Program. This program pairs students and faculty with local nonprofits, small businesses, and churches to solve real problems for real organizations. Student and faculty teams will be presented with a core leadership challenge facing the designated organization, and will perform research, analyze data, and generate a plan for how to initiate positive change to solve that challenge. In so doing, students will gain valuable insights into real-world leadership issues, while also giving back to the community.
·         Mentored Leadership Internship: Because the process of applying leadership principles cannot be learned only in the classroom, students will be immersed in a mentored leadership internship. These internships will allow students to learn from leaders in the field and see how leadership is practiced in a variety of contexts.
·         Experiential Learning Trip: Students will have the opportunity to embark on a life-changing experiential learning trip to either Washington, D.C. or Boston, Massachusetts. These trips will be designed to allow students to meet with a broad range of national and international leaders in the business, nonprofit, and governmental sectors. In addition, students will visit important historical and cultural sites and have the opportunity to discuss the implications of leadership in history and in today’s 21st century environment.
Learn from Exceptional Leaders in the Field
Students in the MA in Leadership will have the opportunity to learn from seasoned leaders, including the following outstanding Christian leaders:

·         Dr. Gary Cook, President of Dallas Baptist University 
·         Dr. Wright Lassiter, Former Chancellor of the Dallas County Community College District 
·         Dr. Albert Reyes, President of Buckner International
·         Dr. Adam Wright, Vice President and Dean of the Cook School of Leadership at DBU
·         David Cook, Attorney and Program Director for the Master of Arts in Leadership at DBU
Dual Degrees
The Cook School of Leadership is pleased to offer several dual degree programs that pair with the MA in Leadership. These dual degrees include:

·         Master of Business Administration/Master of Arts in Leadership
·         Master of Arts in Theological Studies/Master of Arts in Leadership
·         Master of Arts in Christian Education/Master of Arts in Leadership
·         Master of Education in Higher Education/Master of Arts in Leadership

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